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2.16 Vineyards and Wineries trails
There is a lot to be said about Cyprus Wine. Cyprus has the oldest recorded history of wine making going back to ancient times. Moving forward a few centuries, it is said that the Crusaders took vines from Cyprus and introduced them to France. The Cyprus Tourist Board has mapped several trails around the wine making villages up on the mountains of Cyprus. These involve visits to Wine Museums, driving through vineyards and visiting the main wine making villages. Today, wine in Cyprus is produced by two categories of wineries, the large mainstream wineries like KEO, SODAP and ETKO, and, several family owned small wineries that produce high quality wines. Also several other edible products are produced from the grape juice, like palouzes and soutzioukos (solidified grape juice stuffed with almonds and shaped like candles - see photo on right). Furthermore a spirit called Zivania, a clear colour high percentage volume drink, is another produce from grapes and a favourite amongst locals and guests alike. We shall be happy to guide you through these wine trails and also arrange for you visits and wine tastings in a few of the smaller family owned wineries. 

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