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Must Try Foods in Paphos

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or prefer meat, there is a wide variety of local food items to be enjoyed and savoured during your stay in Paphos. We have written about the top 3 food items that you must taste, which range from an appetiser, main course to dessert. Try all or try one, but this Cypriot local cuisine is sure to leave your stomach growling and asking for more. Bon Appetit!

Halloumi is possibly the most well known Cypriot dish, bringing a whole different level to the term ‘cheese lover’. It is nothing but cheese, produced by combining goat and sheep milk. As a result of this combination, the product can be easily fried or grilled and is nothing short of a regular delicacy in the restaurants at Paphos. Halloumi can be eaten with watermelon or served cold as an appetizer or dessert, there are no limitations!

Sheftalia is actually a sausage parcel that is made up of minced pork or lamb with parsley, salt, pepper, and onion and is always grilled on charcoal. The ultimate result for this mouth-watering dish is usually a well grilled spicy sausage. When you order a mixed kebab, then you will get sheftalia together with meat kebab, pitta bread and fresh salad, which is quite a favourite dish in Cyprus. A definite must-eat!

Loukoumades is a simple dessert that is quite popular in Paphos. Essentially made up of deep fried dough balls that here in Cyprus we then soak in syrup. In mainland Greece, honey is poured over the fried dough balls instead and they are also coated with crushed nuts and sesame seeds. Either way it is the perfect comfort food experience. Available in a variety of coffee shops, this dish is best eaten during the summer.